Tuesday’s Election Results: Loud and Clear

Here is the text of an email from the American Family Association — I thought they did a nice job summing it up — oh, and it was a fundraising pitch for AFA — follow the link below if you’d like to donate.

Dear John,

Throughout October and November, AFA brought attention to several state-wide issues that were to appear on the Nov. 3 ballot in states across America. Here are some of the issues that we weighed in on:

  • Ohio offered an amendment on the ballot to legalize marijuana. We alerted Ohio voters on this amendment and encouraged them to vote against it.
  • Kentucky hosted a state-wide election in which conservatives and liberals were running a close race for the governorship and other key positions.
  • The city of Houston, Texas, offered a proposition that would allow men into women’s bathrooms and showers in public.
  • Mississippi offered an amendment that would take public education funds out of the hands of the legislature and funnel them through chancery courts.

The secular progressives are out to remove all common sense from the public square. The good news is Americans are waking up. We have had enough of liberal policies that put our families and communities at risk. Here is what happens when principled voters show up on Election Day:

– 65 percent of Ohioans rejected legalizing marijuana in a landslide.
– 53 percent of voters in Kentucky elected Matt Bevin, a conservative candidate. Bevin wasn’t expected to win by any significant margin.
– 61 percent of Houston citizens opposed the dangerous bathroom bill.
– 52 percent of Mississippi voters opposed giving a chancery judge control of taxpayer dollars for public education funding.

Because of you, conservative values were upheld in many areas across America last Tuesday. But the work is far from finished. AFA will continue fighting for our faith and values with your help.

We depend on the generosity of friends just like you…those who believe America needs a voice of reason in a world of confusing messages.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to American Family Association as your statement of faith in our work. Even the smallest of gifts will help us continue what God has called us to do.

Together, and with God’s help, we are making a difference. Make your donation now!

Image credit: American Family Association.