Turning the Tables: Questions for Senator Booker about Sexual Perversion

Here is Dr. Michael Brown with some good questions for Leftist Senator Booker:

Senator Booker, pursuant to your questioning of secretary of state candidate Mike Pompeo, I’d like to ask you some forthright questions. I understand you might never read this article. Or, if you do read it, you might choose not to respond. At the least, though, we can put these questions on public record.

When interviewing secretary of state candidate Mike Pompeo, you asked him about his views on same-sex “marriage,” which he had previously opposed.

To be candid, I very much appreciate the fact that Mr. Pompeo did not back down on his conviction that marriage is reserved for members of the opposite sex. He said, “When I was a politician, I had a very clear view on whether it was appropriate for two same-sex persons to marry. I stand by that position.”

As you surely know, his position agrees with the historic view of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as well as with the current view of more than 85 percent of the countries of the world.

Mr. Senator, since the secretary of state is required to reach out to all the countries of the world, shouldn’t you be glad that Mr. Pompeo’s views are in harmony with the vast majority of these nations? Isn’t that a positive rather than a negative, especially when he stated that, regardless of his personal views, he would treat all couples with respect?

In his own words, “I believe it’s the case we have married gay couples at the CIA. You should know I treated them with the exact same set of rights.”

But not only did you ask him about his views on same-sex “marriage,” you also asked, “Do you believe gay sex is a perversion, yes or no? Yes or no, sir? Do you believe that gay sex is a perversion (because that’s what you said here in one of your speeches)? Yes or no, do you believe gay sex is a perversion?”

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