Twilight Zone Nation

Deana Chadwell outlines our Twilight Zone nation:

A few years ago my husband and I (having left our GPS charger at home) got lost in Montana — which is a thing not to do. The miles are much longer there and the spaces between towns take hours to cross. We knew we’d gone wrong somewhere because the Rockies, which should have been on our left, were straight ahead, looming ever closer and closer. The first town we came to was a ghost town, which provided a Twilight Zone flavor to the whole adventure. Eventually we found a real town with real people who could tell us where we were –- our map had left us clueless. After our correction miles, we had added over 100 Montana miles to our trip. How did that happen?

We hadn’t noticed when the road started to bend to the left ever so gradually – it was straight up noon and the mountains too far off to register. We should have veered right, but we missed the opportunity.

I think of this incident because I’m feeling the same unsettling unease about this country.  What?! How in the world did we get to this Rod Serling place where drag queens are reading to our children in our libraries? How, in a rational universe, did four ignorant, left-wing, lunatic women attain breathtaking power in less than a year? When did sex trafficking become such a huge crisis? How is it that facts and evidence and law have no pull at all anymore?

We find ourselves, apparently all of a sudden, in a place where telling bald-faced lies about anyone we want to slander is acceptable behavior, where billions of dollars of government money is unaccountably missing and no one seems really upset by that malfeasance, where pedophilia is working its way into appropriate behavior. We’re hurtling toward an impossible mountain range and turning around — the logical thing to do — creates vicious hysteria amongst those in the front seat, who can only scream obscenities and grab for the wheel as they try to keep us from curing our mistake.

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