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Speaking of things we should’ve been taught in K-12 schools… The organization Wall Builders does a great job of filling in the gaps of our American history education. Here are two recent subjects they covered.


As we begin our new year, headed into a new Presidential election season, there are still some things that we, as Americans, need to keep in mind. These things are not necessarily tangible, but they affect us all. They are the worldview of those around you.

Postmodernism ~ Deconstructionism ~ Post-structuralism ~ Secularism

These terms and ideas float around you on a daily basis, but what do they all mean? What is the difference between them? To find out more, read Deconstructionism and the Left by David Barton. This short article defines the difference between these worldviews, unlocking the negative impact that these ideals have on America today and helps to identify those philosophies which could be potentially harmful to America’s future.

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Modern Elections…A Lesson from History?

Since the founding of America as a nation, elections have played a major role in our history. Our nation’s deeply Biblical foundations have shaped and influenced those elections. Election sermons, which provided spiritual and religious guidance to elected officials, were preached annually in each state (by a minister hand-picked by elected officials) to the state legislature and elected officials before they took office. The preaching of these sermons was one important way in which ministers equipped Americans to stand unwaveringly for the Biblical principles that had produced liberty and our republican form of government. This particular Election Sermon was preached by Reverend William Morison in the New Hampshire House of Representatives on June 7, 1792.

Also, as we look towards the presidential elections this November, the battle for the moral foundation goes much deeper than merely the economic issues America currently faces. As we reflect on the issues we faced during the last presidential election, there are many “new” issues that are still facing America today. In fact, we just sent an email regarding the rights of conscience that our current President has violated for the first time since our founding. We thought you might enjoy a WallBuilders article written during our last presidential election year about the same type of issue, and it still resonates today! (The link below will take you to that article.)