Two Supreme Court decisions: A Warning to the Church in America

Defend the FamilyToday the Supreme Court announced another Dred Scott like decision in its claim that DOMA is unconstitutional. Evidently five of the justices haven’t been taught about the First Amendment and our God-given right of religious liberty. The repercussions will be enormous. If you think the culture war has been severe up until now, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Recently, Dr. Scott Lively expressed his views regarding both court decisions expected this week:


I have hesitated about publishing this article because its tone is so dire and so few in the church are ready to receive it. However, just a few days after I wrote it Alan Chambers shut down Exodus International and publicly announced his embrace of the same “gay” theology I warn about in the article. I have taken that as a sign I should release this now.

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By Dr. Scott Lively, President, Defend the Family International

You may have heard of me. I am the pastor being sued in U.S. Federal Court for “Crimes Against Humanity” for preaching against homosexuality in Uganda. But I am really a “Canary in the Coal Mine,” with a warning for every Bible-believing Christian in our land, especially pastors and ministry leaders.

The American church is about to come under spiritual and cultural warfare the likes of which we have never seen and which most are not prepared for. The attacks will come from every corner of the secular world to challenge, condemn and punish us for our beliefs about homosexuality. These attacks will split denominations, congregations and even Christian families to a degree and with an intensity that will shock even those who have experienced the first ripples of “gay” conflict in the church over the past few decades. Large numbers of self-identified Christians will begin embracing so-called “Gay Theology,” and some will actually join the attacks against the remnant who stand firm on the truth. The pressure to give in to escape the psychological and sometimes physical persecution of the Christian “homophobes” will be so great that I believe a majority of church-goers will succumb, and a great many pastors will choose to “change with the times,” so as not to lose “their” church.

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