Understanding Leftists in Three Easy Steps

By James Sorian:

Today the rigid orthodoxy of Progressive Leftism prevails in the land. It is a noxious compound of several related tendencies and opinions, including the application of radical doubt about the nature of reality, the widespread acceptance of moral relativism, and the imposition of political correctness. The Left emphasizes will over reason and ends over means. It scorns tradition and mocks the good. It stifles and bullies and silences unfashionable ideas. Its internal logic is to expand into every aspect of social life, for to come to rest would be the start of its undoing. The Leftist Outlook expands either subtly, by co-opting individual and institution alike, or aggressively, by denouncing or ridiculing any idea that does not conform to itself.

This behavioral pattern is not elective. It is not idiosyncratic to any particular person on the Left or any allied group. It is foreordained and necessary. That is because if you start your politics from the primacy of the will over reason, then you inevitably wind up with no grounding for ethics or law apart from raw power itself.

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