Understanding the Viciousness of the Gay Left

From Robert Oscar Lopez at American Thinker:

On Tuesday, June 4, the gay lobby — for the purposes here, “the Gay Left” — was exposed for its intrinsically sociopathic tendencies. As the shock settles in about the Human Rights Campaign’s possibly felonious violation of fellow citizens’ civil rights, it is fitting that I should introduce the uninitiated reader to a basic overview of the Gay Left and the simultaneous totalitarianism and anomie that have shaped it since the famous Stonewall rebellion of 1969.

In light of the fluffy report issued this week by the College Republican National Committee urging the right, in part, to abandon opposition to gay marriage, the message I am about to deliver is triply urgent: don’t fall for the con!

The Gay Left is not the same thing as gay people, many of whom are good folks. The Gay Left is also not, despite what one might think, merely another part of the liberal intelligentsia. It is a peculiar creature, a specific cluster of organizations that evolved from the specific environmental stresses of police repression, psychiatric stigma, and AIDS.

The problem is that while in America the institutionalized persecution of homosexuals has been dispersed into episodes of de facto social friction (as opposed to de jure discrimination) the survival instincts that grew out of an earlier age of repression — many of which become destructive if they outlive their moment of necessity — remain integral to the Gay Left’s political apparatus.

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