Understanding Trump and Trumpism

Newt Gingrich first spoke on the topic of “Trumpism” back in December:

The Principles of Trumpism (This one is embedded below.)

Then in January Newt presented a 6-part series titled “Understanding Trump and Trumpism” (I’ll link to them as they’re given):

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six — scheduled for January 30.

Back in December, Real Clear Politics ran a partial transcript of Newt on Sean Hannity’s show:

Gingrich: Trumpism Is A Set Of Values And Attitudes; Being Frugal, Practical And Eliminating Red Tape

On Hannity, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said the Trump movement is a set of values, attitudes and practices that Trump has brought to American government and politics. From Wednesday night:

NEWT GINGRICH: Trumpism is the set of values and attitudes and practices that Donald Trump has brought it American government and politics. Can you get pieces of it by reading two his books, The Art Of The Deal and The Art Of The Comeback. You can get it by looking at his speeches… I tell people this is watershed moment if we make it work. We have a Trump rally on the stock market. Now turn it into a Trump reality in the real economy…

Here is why we have to abolish the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). If you went to the Congressional Budget Office and said we want you to score fixing the skating rink, there is no possibility they would score it at a Trumpian level. What does it take it build a wall? The bureaucracy or Donald J. Trump? What does it take to get man back on the moon? Bureaucracy or Donald J. Trump? What Trumpism is, is eliminating red tape, being frugal and practical.

. . .

I’m very optimistic because I’m watching President-elect Trump assemble cabinet that’s amazing. There are all winners. These are all successful people. I think it may have the fewest lawyers of any cabinet in history… the most generals and most successful business people that goes back to sort of Eisenhower’s cabinet in the 50s.

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