Unemployment Numbers: The Media and Their Lies

From Charles Payne at Townhall.com:

We’re all familiar with the phrase “drink the Kool-Aid,” but these days the stakes are so high and those lulling us down the wrong path is so powerful I want to change the phrase to “drink the wine.” UB40 sang of red wine helping to ease the pain of lost love whereas these days I see the mass media as serving up red wine to ease the reality of our economy condition. The media is so enthralled with President Obama and the anti-capitalism agenda it acts as an army of deflectors, finding silver linings in the rubble of disaster or villains in pools of honest people.

The dangers of mass media lying to the public ranges from less informed people to angry people ready to harm others that have never harmed them or people being pardoned for their own short-comings allowed to heap them onto strangers or mythological bogeymen. When most Americans look out their windows they know this is not the country it can be and it doesn’t matter on what side of the political aisle one stands. We simply aren’t the vibrant nation that was propelled to the top of the world. There’s something wrong, something awfully wrong with the economic “recovery” that barely exists.

So we all long for those days of yore, better economic times, now a fading memory or lost love.

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