Attention 2016 GOP Presidential Candidates: Uniting the Political Right is Actually Easy

There is a sad group of Republicans who seem influenced by pop culture much like junior high kids are influenced by peer pressure. This group isn’t particularly well-read, since they’re not just missing the mark by a little, they’re way off the mark. In fact, they seem to consider as enlightenment and progress the effort to roll-back the gains made by Western Civilization that are due to Judeo-Christian morality.

This group of Republicans thinks that Cultural Marxism is a nice fit for the GOP.

There isn’t time to present a college level course in a 600 word column, though the individuals — such as those mentioned here — need to go back to school. It would also help if they’d stop getting their news from People Magazine and the Huffington Post. The more time they (and their staff) can spend at websites like BarbWire the quicker they’ll detox from the foolishness that dominates the lefty press, TV sitcoms, and the propaganda laden garbage found in so many films.

Let’s do a quick summary of the rather simple steps required to unite those on the political right into a winning coalition. Yes, even our libertarian friends who are out orbiting planet Paul can be brought into the fold.

There are two keys to this simple unification plan. The first key is the Declaration of Independence. Every policy needs to be weighed in light of the Founders’ view that governments are instituted among men to secure our God given rights. The right to life, for example, means the Republican Party needs to be pro-life. Amazingly, even the folks over at Republican HQ in D.C. seem to grasp this one.

The second key is the U.S. Constitution. That’s the document that libertarians claim to support, but in truth Ayn Rand is their favorite author, not James Madison. The critical part to focus on in the Constitution is the First Amendment’s protection of our God given right of religious liberty. Here’s where Madison (and his friend Thomas Jefferson) were a lot smarter than Aynie. Again, an abundance of materials on the importance of religious liberty can be found at BarbWire and sites like this one. By the way, if you read the other Amendments you’ll discover the Founders weren’t kidding about the right of conscience.

Once the Declaration and Constitution are the focus, many supposed disagreements on the right disappear.

Then, the idle army needs to be mustered for the information war. The war metaphor might be over-used these days but in this case the parallel is exact. In fact, think total war.

Conservatives have their hands full. They not only have to continue earning a living, building businesses, and raising their kids. They have to engage in the practical world of Republican politics in greater numbers than ever before.

Getting off the wrong policy roads we’re on will require the political labor of countless hundreds of thousands if not millions of conservatives committed to helping their fellow citizens hear and understand better information than what fills the space beneath the headlines of the liberal press.

In the past I’ve written that American conservatives are the best informed “choir” in world history. That’s not a bad place to start — but it’s only a start.

The details of the “what’s next” varies from state to state, but the bottom line is the same: we need a real Republican Party that will accomplish the goal of convincing voters that the policy solutions needed are rooted in our Party’s platform principles (which are rooted in the Declaration and Constitution). The work of democracy — getting the right people elected and supporting their efforts to move public opinion — cannot be delegated away.

Only if enough of us engage the real political battle will we then hand off to the next generation what they deserve — a country stronger than the one we inherited.

Let’s delve more into that total war analogy next time.