UPDATE: Blue state failures and the work ahead

Detroit 4

One of the thousands of abandoned and crumbling houses in Detroit

Four and a half years ago I wrote this:

“Detroit has failed,” [the Weekly Standard’s] Matt Labash writes, and many of the people there are stuck “living among the ruins.” Here’s a safe bet: things won’t be any better there in November 2012 as voters go to the polls to decide whether they’ll want another four years of Obama economics and social policy.

The big question is whether the Republican Party will have gotten its act together by then. Will the party have elevated new leaders, recruited better spokesmen of all races, and sold the GOP prescription to where themedicine is sorely needed?

Last November’s election and last week’s Detroit bankruptcy filing answered all those questions. No big surprise. Here’s my article from January 21, 2009:

Blue state failures and the work ahead

Here are a few good articles from recent days saying basically what I said back in 2009 and what conservatives have been saying for decades:

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