Vets Against the Deal: Iranians Killed Army Spc. Clay Farr (Video)

Oh yes. The Iran Deal. Obama and Kerry would have us believe it’s this deal or World War III commences in the Middle East. AKA Armageddon.

But what good is a deal with radical Islamic mullahs who espouse taqiyya (deception/lying for the sake of Islam and the Caliphate)? What good is a deal with an enemy?

Not to mention the absolute immorality of funneling millions and millions of dollars to the world’s number one state sponsor of terror. You can bet they won’t use the money for a school lunch program or for national parks. No lovable Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo in Iran.

To keep our attention on the wrongheadedness and sheer danger of this deal, Veterans Against the Deal just released another video which will make you angry, and most likely elicit not a few tears. On the video Patrick Farr relates what took his son’s life in 2006.

VAD site notes:

Clay Farr was killed in an Iranian bombing. His father is afraid that the Iran deal, which lifts sanctions on and gives billions of dollars to Iran, will mean more Iranian terror and killing.

Every parent’s worst nightmare — the loss of a child, though parents of troops know their sons and daughters sign a blank check when they join the military, the amount of which may very well be the last full measure of devotion.

Watch the video:

“The Iranian nuclear deal will allow Iran to have their funding back. They will be able to continue to fund terrorism. The Administration must not really care about what Iran has done on the terrorism front, killing American soldiers. They’ve just completely forgotten.”

This breaks my heart.

My prayers are with Patrick Farr, who lost his son much too soon. And I pray that God will do whatever it takes to wake Obama and Kerry up to the fact that this is a BAD deal.

Undoubtedly the Iranians, their mullahs, are laughing at the stupid American president who would lead America like a lamb to the slaughter before Iran.

Please share this everywhere and let’s show Mr. Farr, and all the others who’ve lost a son or daughter due to Iranian funded terrorists, that we are with them.

With them in spirit, with our prayers; with them in action, with our calls to our Senators and Congressmen saying “No deal with Iran.”

God bless our military!