Video: What Gender Are You?


In which our always sensitive host takes a look at the exciting world of gender diversity, where the unusual is normal, even though that can’t be right and doesn’t make a lick of sense.


I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth.

Many of you may remember a time when women were tender and nurturing and modest and men were strong and protective and courtly.  Actually, you might be remembering the movie Meet Me In St. Louis… but I’m sure reality also used to be great.

Today, though, all across America, gender norms are coming under question, laws are being passed to allow people to choose their gender identities, and Time Magazine, always on the cutting edge of irrelevance, has declared transgenderism the new civil rights frontier.

What’s it all about?  Let’s get at the revolting truth.

Gender theorists today believe that the different behaviors and capabilities of men and women are not a reflection of their natural propensities and desires but were imposed on them by the gender stereotypes of society which were created at the conference of the Gender Stereotype Society, held in 1817 at a secluded chateau on the shores of Lake Geneva.  It was there that it was determined by secret ballot that from now on, men would be able to invent things and lie convincingly about their sexual conquests while women would talk a lot about clothes and then make dinner.

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