Who are the REAL extremists: The tea party or Obama and the New Democrats? [VIDEO]

Daily CallerFrom Ginni Thomas at the Daily Caller (the video is below):

Of all my interviews for The Daily Caller in 2013, Trevor Loudon of New Zealand was my hands-down favorite. As a foreigner, he offers profound perspective and hope to ordinary citizens living in perilous times!

Both our parties are masking the real battle over the dangerous growth of government and are led by elites who want power, not liberty. Yet, we continue to see ordinary grassroots liberty-loving Americans riling up cultural elites. Look what just happened when America responded to the political fascism of A&E with Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty.” America is being pulled away from what made her great, but not without a battle from people paying attention.

Trevor Loudon sees and discusses the ideological battle threatening what made America great. Republicans are led by elites who love their power and consultants — RINOs and crony capitalists looking to continue their special favors from government elites. The Democrats have allowed the radical left to take control of their agenda, leaving common-sense Americans at bay.

America is in danger of failing, but there is a historic grassroots resurgence rising up who love their liberty, the Constitution and the opportunities that come from free markets and a strong national defense. This two-part interview has been watched by too few of our fellow citizens.

This next part of my talk with Trevor Loudon discusses President Obama’s effort to tear down America, destroy our military, undermine our allies, embolden our enemies, diminish American stature, destroy the classical educational remnants that enable critical thinking in K-12 and promote gun control.

Trevor Loudon sees the battle lines clearly, better than many Americans! He defends the tea party, something even the crony capitalists and Republican consultant class won’t do, despite the base’s role in delivering the only electoral victory to those not trying to fundamentally transform the U.S.