Video: Rep. McSweeney Explains Why He Voted Against the State Budget Others are Swooning Over

From Illinois Review:

SPRINGFIELD – Governor Rauner signed the FY 2019 Budget into law Monday morning – with none of the proposals he fought for in years past. That’s leaving many scratching their heads. Did he lose the will to fight? Or is his desire for re-election more than doing what needs to be done to correct Illinois’ devastating finances?

“It’s sad that Governor Rauner signed the Madigan budget that includes the revenues from the 32% increase in your income tax rate,” Rep. David McSweeney (R-South Barrington) said after the signing. “We need to reduce spending and CUT Illinois taxes!”

During the House floor discussion on Illinois’ $35 billion FY 2019 state budget last week, Rep. McSweeney clearly spelled out exactly why he voted no on the budget others on both sides of the aisle enthusiastically embraced after mulling over it for just a few hours.