Violence against the Citizenry Is the Left’s Intent

What is the left’s intent? E. Jeffrey Ludwig tells us:

The extreme controls and revisions envisioned by the Squad and many of the candidates for the Leftocratic presidential nomination for 2020 are actually leading not merely to vast governmental expansion, nor to a more secure future as they claim, but to vast governmental and economic collapse. The unspoken goal is to bring about the disintegration of the USA in every sector and to use violence against those who oppose them.

Although it is tempting to characterize the hatred of the presidency of Donald J.Trump as a burgeoning expression of themes that are both fascistic and communistic, that characterization would be only partially correct. Because of the ultimately destructive nature of the Leftocratic endgame — where centralized power in the name of the greater good leads to disruptions, misery, and ultimately collapse — it is more accurate to say the ultimate endgame of today’s Left is murderous nihilism and brainwashing as enforced groupthink.

The primary example in this writer’s life was the communist takeover of Vietnam. As a graduate student during the Vietnam War, the vector going from takeover to murder, brainwashing (“re-education”), and torture was systematically excluded from my thinking. In that time of my life, before I became a deplorable, I believed — not unlike the Squad today — that the Vietnam War was part of the Establishment’s everlasting plan to crush “the people” in this country and throughout the world.

This writer bought into the argument that the war was a divide-and-conquer scheme to feed the greed of Western corporate interests. The North Vietnamese only wanted unity for their people under their true national hero, Ho Chi Minh. But the corrupt U.S.-backed Ngo Diem regime and the USA’s government stood in the way of that unity. The evils of communism were being deliberately exaggerated. In spite of competing evidence provided by the communist takeovers of the USSR and of China, this writer bought into the portrayal of the communist takeover of Vietnam as ultimately benign.

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Image credit: National Review.