Voter Fraud: Do Democrats really care about election integrity?

Dave Rybarczyk asks whether Democrats really care about election integrity:

What does ‘election integrity’ actually mean to Democrats?

What does “election integrity” actually mean to Democrats?  A perspective is provided by the Democrat-sponsored “For the People Act” (H.R.1 in the current Congress), a dreadfully misnamed legislative mess that purports to improve election integrity and transparency.  Some of its features are:

• Mandates automatic, universal voter registration, and makes it a crime to interfere with registration

• Allows voter registration at age 16

• Mandates early voting of at least 15 days and requires paper ballots

• Restricts and impedes routine voter roll maintenance

• Prescribes strict rules for redistricting and authorizes court takeover of redistricting

• Regulates digital political advertising outright, and restricts corporate political engagement

• Requires disclosure of donors by Super PACs and so-called “dark money” groups

• Requires presidential candidates and incumbents to release 10 years of tax returns

• Supports a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision

• Supports statehood for the District of Columbia

You can see where this goes — a grandiose “big picture” reform program that mostly suppresses free speech, cements Leftist influence, and protects incumbents — but does virtually nothing to address actual, on-the-ground election integrity.

In any plain understanding, “election integrity” demands two things:  The trustworthiness of the voting process, and responsible voters.  So, what exactly does genuine election integrity look like?  And how can the election process help to ensure responsible voting?  Here are some necessary characteristics:

Citizen-Only Voting.  Allowing non-citizens to vote is, effectively, allowing foreign interference in our elections.  Illegal aliens in particular have by their action disrespected our laws and evaded any formal obligation to the nation.  The right to vote extends properly only to the nation’s citizens, citizenship being a useful marker of allegiance and commitment.

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