Voter Fraud: How Ballot Harvesting Corrupts Elections

How many Americans know about this? Here is Ned Ryun on ballot harvesting:

People think the real problems with the integrity of our elections involve non-citizens voting, or lack of photo ID, or voter rolls needing to be cleaned, or ballot box stuffing. While those are all problems, people are missing the elephant quietly sitting in the corner of the room.

The real threat moving forward is the practice of ballot harvesting.

Observers of our elections know something fishy went on in Orange County, California and in Arizona last fall, and they know that there are strange happenings in North Carolina. For most, however, the details remain fuzzy. These happenings have to do with the practice of ballot harvesting: that is, the practice of having union members or partisan volunteers coordinate and go house to house to pick up absentee ballots that haven’t been returned and then drop those ballots off at a polling place or precinct board within the voter’s correct jurisdiction.

Mind you, these volunteers or activists don’t have to be election officials. They can be literally anyone. It feels like a complete understatement to ask, but what could possibly go wrong in this scenario? In a word, everything.

When you put millions of ballots into an un-secure environment, for days on end, in the hands of partisan activists, you’re begging for shenanigans and potential vote manipulation. Imagine for a second Granny Smith opening her door to find Teamsters or the Black Panthers standing there saying, “You’re on our list and we’re here to talk about your ballot. Why don’t you hand it over and we’ll take care of it for you.” Implausible? Nope, because ballot harvesting is basically the old-fashioned urban machine way of getting voters to the polls: you send hooligans out to stand over voters while they dutifully vote for Tammany Hall.

To be clear: anyone favoring ballot harvesting is automatically signaling that they are in favor of voter intimidation, harassment, and corrupting the system. Full stop, period.

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