Voter Fraud: Imagine ‘Antifa Ballot-Harvesters’…It Isn’t Hard To Do

Here is Victoria Taft asking us to imagine Antifa ballot-harvesters”:

Think about the potential for antifa “ballot-harvesters.” Even before Saturday, when Congresswoman Ayana Presley called for more riots and “unrest” on America’s streets over mail-in ballots and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) funding, I worried about the mob and your ballot.

“Ballot-harvester” is a term for a person allowed to pick up someone else’s ballot and, in some cases, fill it in and take it to the polling place, elections center, or post office. See the list of states below and their rules on other people “harvesting” your ballot. At least 27 states allow someone else to handle your ballot.

In 2018, in Orange County, Calif., an entire congressional delegation in that reliably rock-ribbed conservative area was lost due to ballot-harvesters collecting and, in some cases, filling out ballots for others. Democrat ballot-harvesters used illegal aliens to collect the ballots of citizens. They held “ballot parties” at large companies and went door-to-door. We have no idea what happened to all the ballots, since there are no chain-of-custody records.

Start With Chaos, Add Mob, and Voila!

In Oregon, ballot-harvesting has simply consolidated the Democrats’ one-party-rule that all-mail-in balloting ensured in 1998. With one exception, no Republican has been elected to statewide office since the inception of vote-by-mail in 1998. And that exception was against an unusually corrupt Democrat who was behind the “Sweetcakes by Melissa” outrage.

Like California, Oregon allows political parties to see in near-real-time who’s voted and who hasn’t. Harassment and voter impersonation follow. There’s no way to know how many voters are impersonated because no ID is required and no one checks.

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