Walker Changes Attitudes on Public Employee Unions

The headline above is from a Real Clear Politics post by Michael Barone—and readers of this website already know that IT’S CALLED LEADERSHIP! True leadership is all about moving and shaping public opinion. God Bless Scott Walker for providing an example for the slow-to-learn…

The results are in, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has beaten Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the recall election. That’s in line with pre-election polling, though not the Election Day exit poll. Even before the results came in, we knew one thing, and that is that the Democrats and the public employee unions had already lost the battle of ideas over the issue that sparked the recall, Walker’s legislation to restrict the bargaining powers of public employee unions.

That’s supported by a Marquette University poll showing 75 percent of Wisconsin voters favoring increases in public employees’ contributions for health care and pensions. It also showed 55 percent for limiting collective bargaining for public employees and only 41 percent opposed.

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