Want to Know Why Trump Won? Just Ask His Supporters

Here is Robert Oscar Lopez writing at American Thinker writing about why Donald Trump is being sworn in today as our 45th president:

Few things should have been easier to predict than Trump’s victory in the Electoral College.  Recall where things stood by 2015: political correctness had become a mix of psychological warfare and threats of institutional punishment.  Here was something ever present in people’s daily experience, and about which almost no leaders were willing to speak frankly.  Along comes a liberator without bloodshed.

Trump had an easy solution to P.C.: resist it by speaking truthfully, and endure the backlash until enough people rebel against it, so it crashes and burns.

For all their waking hours, Americans listened to P.C., a language that is phony, detached, and highly annoying.  “Hate” was the new “terror,” a vague force that people had to sacrifice all other concerns to fight or else risk being branded un-American.  On the radio, at their jobs, among their social networks, even at family gatherings, here and there it popped up again: “you can’t say that!” “I’m hurt by that.”  “You’re bullying me.”  “You’re a bigot.”  Celebrated causes and favored groups mattered – Hollywood stars, LGBTs, the right kind of racial minorities, sexually adventurous women – while other groups were expected to engage in nothing but sacrifice and atonement so those P.C.-approved classes could make all their dreams come true.  That these classes are trapped in a nightmare of their own design should not be shocking.

Half of Buffalo has moved out of the city since the 1950s?  A wave of suicide is decimating middle-aged white men?  Meth has taken over life in a small Wisconsin river town?  Divorced veterans are languishing in soup kitchens and homeless shelters across Tennessee?  Political correctness has no answers to these problems.  In fact, P.C. forbids answers to those problems, because acknowledging them as problems would take away from the focus on “hate.”  Only “hate” matters, and none of those tribulations can be credibly attributed to hate.  It is more important to think about asylum for trans Salvadorans, a boy named Ahmed with a strange clock, and Lena Dunham‘s foggy memories of being mistreated as an Oberlin student.

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