Washington Can’t Work

For years I’ve said it — it would be great to see a property value collapse in the Washington, D.C. metro area. How can we bring that about? American Thinker’s Bruce Walker outlines some facts, and presents a pretty darn good plan that could make idea come true — start relocating federal bureaucracies:

President Trump and the Republican Congress are going to do a lot and will likely act quickly and decisively to help the economy become strong, make the borders secure and the immigration laws effective, protect us from terrorists and rogue nations, and improve our education system.

It is vitally important, however, to grasp at the outset that Washington cannot work. Federal solutions always fail. The best thing federal politicians can do is to get Washington out of the lives of ordinary Americans, their businesses, and their communities.

This must happen fast, because Washington is crawling with folks who will work nonstop to pander the egos of federal politicians and to tell them they, through the wise use of federal power, can solve problems. Their whole careers, indeed their whole lives, are wrapped up in this foolish and destructive belief.

The counties around Washington are by far the richest in our nation because there is no gravy train in finance or oil or software remotely as rich as the federal gravy train, with its vast populace of nongovernmental folks who make their living by issuing reports or arguing lawsuits or writing stories about our capital.

The best and surest solution to our problems is to return as much governmental power as possible to states, and to devolve back to citizens all the rights to which they are entitled under our constitutional system.

As I have written before, a great deal could be done by simply having all bureaucracies needed to enforce federal laws be state bureaucracies and not federal ones.  Allow federal employees in affected agencies to become employees of the states, with the federal government to pick up their salaries for a few years, or to have their jobs eliminated.

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