Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox interviews re gun control

NRA-logoFrom an NRA email — links to four good interviews…they’re all short and worth your time if you have it.

Fox News:

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre spoke at a Senate hearing on gun violence. He stressed the need to enforce gun laws that currently exist rather than drafting new ones… Watch this.

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace:

Wayne LaPierre sparred with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace over details of the gun control proposal…  Watch this.

National Rifle Association YouTube Channel:

Wayne LaPierre, head of the National Rifle Association, accused President Obama of trying to control all gun transactions in a speech in Reno, Nev… Watch this.

“Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Fox News:

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” to discuss armed security at schools… Watch this.