Wayne Township Republican Party – Was It a Caucus or a Circus?

Here’s a valuable report about one recent local GOP meeting from Rick Newton:

‘Caucus’ and ‘circus’ – these are two words that seemed synonymous as played out on the evening of Dec. 4th at St. Andrews Golf Club by the Wayne Township Republican Organizations’ (WTRO) ringleader of heavy-handed cronyism, Randy Ramey. He may have anointed himself as chairman of this rubber-stamping event that attempted to cast a very thin veneer in order to appear as a political caucus, but those who were able to witness him ‘operate’ for the first time walked away convinced that ‘ringleader’ was clearly a well-deserved description of Ramey.

As much as Ramey wanted to paint a picture of professionalism, putting coats and ties on his cronies who double as barflies at every township Republican meeting is a pretty transparent veneer. With or without coats and ties, the Ramey ‘veneer’ disappeared as soon as he opened the meeting.

Upon introducing his caucus clowns for the evening, Ramey began his effort to ramrod the election of his cronies through the rubber stamp process when he opened the agenda item that called for the caucus attendees to adopt rules for the meeting. Ramey had no desire to alter the rules that would upset his rubber-stamp vote by the caucus – after all, he had several ‘horses’ in this race and wanted to make certain that their victories were unobstructed. To that end, he called for a motion to accept the rules as written and, in doing so, turned directly to one his cronies at his far left to obtain such a motion. He never scanned the audience to see if there were other hands raised prior to that of his crony.

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