We Aid the Growth of Chinese Tyranny to Our Eternal Shame

Foolish political leaders, corporate America, and “free” traders are responsible for the growth of Chinese tyranny — here is Michael Brendan Dougherty:

We desperately need to recover our ability to privilege political and moral aims over the immediate exigencies of the market.

We can’t say we didn’t know.

Reports of the repression of Muslims living in northwestern China have been leaking out for years in drips and drabs. Satellite photos picked up the construction of massive prison facilities in the Xinjiang province. The BBC was even invited into one of the “thought transformation camps,” from which inmates are released a few hours a week, to see the program of patriotic re-education. Inmates were frank with the Beeb’s reporters that religious activity — including prayer — was banned inside the building.

The leaked memos include lines that will be cited as exculpatory in the future — they show Xi counseling against proposals to “eradicate” Islam entirely. But the larger picture painted by the documents is one of state apparatus mobilized in the service of repression, aiming to make up for lost time in which Uighurs and Kazaks were allowed to worship, practice, and believe as they pleased. “The weapons of the people’s democratic dictatorship must be wielded without any hesitation or wavering,” Xi is quoted as saying.

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Image credit: www.nationalreview.com.