We the GOP, In Order to form a more perfect Union…

Only a small minority of our elected officials support policies that would alleviate the long list of ways citizens suffer due to awful political leadership.

Whether it is crime in cities such as Chicago, or families being split up as thousands of people flee the state due to a lack of opportunity or a crushing and unaffordable tax burden. An immoral cast system exists in many states like Illinois, where, for example, retail employees (and their descendants) struggle to make ends meet as they are forced to fund the immoral and excessive pension benefits of government employees who retire in their 50s.

And it does not seem clear there are enough people working in Republican and conservative politics who have the first clue what is needed to win governing majorities.

Regarding our headline–the U.S. Constitution does not begin with the words “We the GOP…” It opens with:

We the Politically Active, in Order to form a more perfect Union…

Not that either?

How about:

We the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex…

Others call it Conservative Inc. You know, think tanks and other non profits, PACs that do not fund real election work, consultants, writers, talk radio and podcast hosts and the many others who make a living doing something or other in the political arena.

We have presented three openings of the Constitution that are not correct.

Neither are these:

We the elected class of conservative and Republican office holders…

We the people who write opinion articles or aggregate news or opinion headlines…

You get the point.

It begins “WE THE PEOPLE.” Which means all of us. Everyone in their heart knows that the business of running this country belongs to us all. My point in clarifying the opening of our wonderful U.S. Constitution is simple: if you are waiting for elected officials or the Republican Party or those making a living talking or writing about politics—to save the nation—you are waiting in vain.

These people have proven over the course of decades that they do not know how to save the country. If they did know, our state and federal governments would not be such a disaster.

This does not make them bad people. And I continually benefit from their work—learning from their analysis and other information they provide. Many of my favorites are linked on the Dispatches homepage. But I do not count on them to accomplish ground-level election work on the scale that is needed.

The truth is, those in the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex (RCIC) see ground-level political work as somebody else’s responsibility. Some think they are just above that work, others do not like doing that work, and many others do not even understand that real election work has to get done.

The good news is that since last November there has been an increasing energy among American patriots—they are realizing that from the local school board to Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C., things are out of control and getting worse. Crime, the southern border, inflation, energy prices, supply chain problems, a growing anti-science medical tyranny, and “wokeness” and Critical Race Theory in bureaucracies all the way from the supposedly unpolitical Federal Reserve (yes, really) on down to the local governmental units run by extremely corrupt teacher unions.

For more than a decade, the most common question I have heard from concerned citizens is, “what can we do?”

There is a lot that needs to be done, and this series of articles will begin to fill in the blanks. It will also explain why the GOP cannot be counted on, nor elected officials, nor think tanks, nor radio and podcast talkers, nor opinion piece or book writers, nor…(the list goes on and on). Take my word for it. I will explain fully why not for each of those categories.

Illinois is a moral and fiscal disaster, and so is the federal government. There is still time for American patriots to step into the fray and help regain control of the state and nation—you know, the one formed by “WE THE PEOPLE.”

Up next: What is political power?

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