Weinstein, Las Vegas and the venality of the left

First, another headline: Michelle Obama In 2013: Harvey Weinstein Is ‘A Wonderful Human Being.’

Too bad conservatives don’t have the means to get articles like these in front of more Americans. Here is Patricia McCarthy writing at American Thinker:

Is there anything that more elegantly epitomizes the obscene hypocrisy of the Democrat elites — and their slavish servility to the Hollywood left and its money — than their unconditional worship of sexual predator Harvey Weinstein? If all reports are true, his depravity has been a known fact for decades.  Still, Democrats like the Clintons, Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and a host of others gladly took hundreds of thousands of dollars of his money and kept their mouths shut. These supposed champions of women are nothing but sanctimonious frauds.

If there were ever anything that proved their self-serving vacuity, this is it. This, along with their post-Vegas massacre hysteria demanding gun control be imposed on us but not them, tells the tale.

Whatever led the New York Times to finally report on the man and a scandal they have surely known about for years is a mystery. The NYT expose covers three decades of Weinstein’s predatory behavior — but the truth is revealed only now? What’s up? Surely the paper of record is not suddenly concerned about the hypocrisy of the Hollywood left. There must be something else at work. Time will tell. Weinstein is convinced his newly stated war against the NRA will appease his critics. It will mollify only the most clueless among them.

Adding further to the gross hypocrisy is the fact that Gloria Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom, is defending Weinstein, “tutoring” him in acceptable behavior in 2017. Weinstein somehow missed the feminist movement, the tyranny of political correctness and every other constraint imposed on Americans, for good or ill, since the 1960s. Lisa and her mother have made their very public careers as camera hogs who defend women that have allegedly been sexually harassed or abused by sports or entertainment celebrities.

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Image credit: www.americanthinker.com.