What Are They Afraid Of? Is it Over for the Left?

Here is Jeffrey Folks writing at American Thinker:

Now that Donald Trump has been elected, hope is gone. That’s more or less what Michelle Obama told Oprah Winfrey in a recent interview. “We are feeling what not having hope feels like,” she said.

There are millions of liberals feeling hopeless these days. The left’s fear of a Trump administration is like nothing seen since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, which reversed 50 years of liberal politics. Not only are they bawling in public, threatening to relocate to Canada, and cuddling up with therapy dogs, but they’ve tried every undemocratic trick in the book to deny Trump the election.

Trump obviously threatens something of crucial importance to the left, but what is it? What are they afraid of?

They are afraid of Trump’s policies, of course – and there will be plenty of changes on day one. Most of what Obama “accomplished” by executive order stands to be reversed. Other reversals may take months or years. All of this threatens the left on business regulation, taxes, health care, energy, welfare, labor law, the environment, and more.

Trump’s policies will make America a business-friendly, prosperous, and free nation once again. The importance of these changes cannot be overestimated. But since Hillary never argued the case for progressive policies in her campaign – she focused on demonizing her opponent – it’s probably not policy that’s the real cause of progressive paroxysms.

It’s something more troubling – the suspicion that, in some deep and lasting way, America doesn’t want them.

That was the unspoken implication behind Michelle’s “hope is dead” routine. It’s one thing to pine over the loss of an election – it’s another to say it’s Armageddon because they lost. It’s suddenly dawned on the first lady, and on millions of others, that Americans do not share her progressive fantasies. And like all the others, she has too much invested in progressivism to go away quietly.

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