What causes homosexuality?

The above title is taken from a chapter in the new book by Arthur Goldberg, “Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality and the Power to Change.” It’s absolutely a must read for anyone who hasn’t heard the truth about the nature of “same sex attraction.” It seems to me that in fact most Americans are uninformed about it. This book needs to become a national bestseller.

I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Goldberg speak a couple of weeks ago at an event and purchased a copy of the book. It’s unfortunate that we have to discuss human sexual problems on a political website, but the proponents of the homosexual agenda are spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year to propagandize on behalf of their cause.

Too many people fall prey to their propaganda because the counter argument doesn’t reach enough people. The truth is not nearly as well funded as the lie. Cultural confusion has resulted. Now we have a situation where state and federal statutes are under assault by left wing radicals in areas like marriage and so-called non discrimination.

Mr. Goldberg writes in the introduction that “We live in a time of accelerated social change.” We’ve lost our “traditional bearings without setting new ones.”

“This has led, at least in the western hemisphere, to an unprecedented confusion of values, rationalized as virtually all-permissive, ‘anything goes’ social system founded on universal ‘tolerance.'”

“If this moral relativism continues,” he writes, our children and grandchildren may find themselves living in a very different world.

“Once we throw away the compass of right and wrong bequeathed to us by ancient wisdom, we find almost everything to be subjective opinion-usually the result of a little self-indulgence and a good deal of creative rationalization.”

There is no proof that homosexuality is innate or immutable. Yet it is sold as such—something that should be viewed merely as an alternative lifestyle because it is genetically predetermined.

Chapter 4 of the book is titled, “What Causes Homosexuality?” There has been a culture-wide aggressive attempt for decades to muzzle anyone who even suggests that there is a cause outside of genetics.

It is not genetics, writes Mr. Goldberg.

“[W]hat are the factors that can cause a person to develop SSA [same sex attraction]? What kinds of stresses are sufficient to prevent a person from identifying with his or her birth gender?”

Goldberg answers:

“Our Torah-inspired program for healing from homosexuality is based on a carefully observed and thoroughly studied connection between certain types of early emotional trauma and the later development of SSA, homosexual behavior and identification as gay.

Among those who are experienced in helping individuals grow out of homosexuality, there can be little if any dispute that early disidentification from (or perceived rejection by) a same-sex parent and/or peers can lead to ‘defensive detachment’ from one’s physiological gender.”

Note the words “healing from homosexuality” and “disidentification.”

If the above is news to you, you’re not alone. Goldberg notes:

“[I realized] that the vast majority of the general public, of practicing therapists, and even of homosexuals themselves, were unaware of the large quantity of available resources on the causes of and treatments for SSA.”

We need to consider all the facts and ignore the politically correct media and embarrassingly shallow self-appointed “elite.” Here is how Mr. Goldberg puts it:

“Men and women struggling with same-sex attraction are commonly being denied the right to receive life-giving information about the existence and effectiveness of various gender-reaffirming methods and therapies; the right to seek treatment for sexual disorientation; and the right freely to choose to change their sexual orientation.

Such interference with fundamental rights offends the dignity and humanity of these men and women. Isolated and alone, unaware that help, healing and support are within reach, they are told by the gay activists, ‘You can’t change;’ by ultra-conservatives, ‘You are loathsome;’ and by the majority of psychologists and psychiatrists, ‘Accept your gay feelings and act upon them-even though this might be in conflict with your internal values.’

Such attitudes are not merely wrong. They are contemptible, immoral, irresponsible, and potentially lethal.”

As with any issue, the first thing that has to happen is that the issue must be properly defined. Instead, when it comes to human sexual behavior (and in the words of Arthur Goldberg, “disorientation”), too many in our society have been intellectually lazy. They haven’t bothered to learn about the root causes of homosexuality.

I highly recommend the book. Click here or here to purchase a copy.

To read more on this topic, visit the website of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (and good luck making the case that this “lifestyle” should be normalized).