What Is Marriage? And What Is It Not?

whatismarriage3Today the Illinois Senate is supposed to be voting on whether or not to destroy the institution of marriage. They will only do the right thing if enough people pray (since we certainly cannot rely on our senators’ intelligence). Eric Metaxas answers the questions in the above headline in his latest column — here’s an excerpt:

Gay-rights advocates claim that heterosexual marriage would not be harmed if gay marriage were legalized. But that’s not so. “What Is Marriage?” meticulously details some of the critical social goods at risk if we go down the revisionist marriage road—gay or straight: real marital fulfillment, spousal well-being, child well-being, friendship, religious liberty, and limited government. These are not trivial matters! The book tells us why in masterful detail.

Of course, the book also makes us think about our own marriages: Are they other-directed and God-directed, or are they merely self-directed? It’s fair to ask, are we part of the problem, or the solution?

This book, “What Is Marriage?”, makes an argument, but it’s not argumentative. Instead, it is philosophical, reasoned, and fair. It provides the kind of intellectual energy we need when so many involved in the marriage debate—on both sides—are busy producing more heat than light.

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