What Journalists Should Ask Liberals and ‘Enlightened’ Conservatives About Marriage

The fact is, most political talking heads aren’t all that informed when it comes to the issue of marriage or homosexuality. Not even the supposedly conservative ones. In fact I’d say many of the so-called conservative ones are among the dumbest.

IFI’s Laurie Higgins again hits it out of the park with her latest:

In case no one has noticed, journalists never ask Democrats the hard questions regarding homosexuality—and I mean never. Perhaps our news show hosts should ask their guests and panelists these questions:

  1. Many compare same-sex marriage to interracial marriage. In what specific ways is homosexuality like race?
  2. If the institution of marriage has nothing inherently to do with sexual complementarity and procreative potential, then why should it be limited to two people or to people who are not close blood relatives?
  3. If marriage is—as the Left claims it is–solely the institutional recognition of deeply felt, intense loving feelings between people, why should the government prohibit two brothers who are in love from marrying? If people should be allowed to marry whomever they love—as the Left claims they should be–then why shouldn’t two brothers and their mutual boyfriend be permitted to marry?
  4. Does marriage have an inherent nature that government merely recognizes, or does society create it out of whole cloth?
  5. Are rights granted to couples or to individuals?
  6. Are rights accorded to people based on their objective characteristics or on their subjective feelings and volitional acts?

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