What marriage is

The Northwest Herald ran a letter of mine last week — they only made minor changes to the published version, and they added at least one typo (!). Here’s the text I sent them:

The other day Rich Miller wrote that Illinois Republicans can be as ignorant as Democrats when it comes to the issue of marriage. That’s not news. In fact, much of what’s read within the pages of today’s newspapers explains perfectly why the phrase “low information voters” is gaining popularity.

Case in point: When is the last time you read anything substantive about so-called homosexual “marriage” that actually addressed what marriage is? For centuries everyone knew instinctively that marriage was not about emotional bonds and sexual feelings—if it were, people could marry friends and more than one person.

As one writer has explained, our low information media aims to keep Americans from wondering why, if marriage has no intrinsic connection to sexual complementarity or procreative potential, we limit it to two people. It wants to keep them from asking whether prohibiting polyamorists from marrying the persons they love constitutes hatred, discrimination, and intolerance. It wants to keep Americans from demanding evidence for the claim that homosexuality is by nature like race.

The media doesn’t want Americans to understand that the First Amendment’s protection of our God-given religious liberty conflicts at all points with the promotion of homosexual behavior.

And it certainly doesn’t want Americans to understand that to further destroy the marriage culture is to accept ever larger government. Decades of evidence proves that taxpayers pay the price for the breakdown of the family through welfare, crime, and the cultural drag of yet another generation of low information voters.