What now?

AmericanThinker3An excerpt from an American Thinker post by Doug Simpson:

The biggest threats we face are here at home, not in some foreign land. It isn’t about nukes in suitcases, suicide bombers, or other fanatics. All of that is mostly a sideshow, an endless line of boogeymen created to scare you into bigger government. So, also, is global warming and all of the other environmental and ideological attacks ravaging our economy and depleting our property rights. If you’ve lost the culture, you’ve already lost the war against terror anyway.

The real war is about people with empty heads and contaminated hearts. Like the Sons of Issachar, we need to understand the times we live in, to know what we should do. We need to take a breath and remember that there is nothing happening that surprises God, nor anything new under the sun.

Second, if we’re going to retake the culture, our religious institutions must lead the charge. Our churches must find themselves again. They, and we, need to renew our understanding of just what the real job of the church, what real evangelizing truly is. The Word of God translates into real everyday world living for every generation, or it isn’t worth much. That is to say that the Good News of redemption, salvation, forgiveness and — doing unto others — was the foundation of the America now lost. It is these principles that are the foundation of all our laws and culture and, therefore, the reason for our past success and prosperity. The more we’ve wandered away, the more we’ve ventured into no man’s land. Gone are the days when great principles reigned above lawlessness in the land.

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