When Governments Promote Evil

CultureWatchFrom Bill Muehlenberg:

It is one thing for governments to acquiesce to evil – it is another thing when they actively promote evil. We are now seeing this happen throughout the Western world. Nations which used to lead the way in promoting that which is good are now led by those who are intent on promoting that which is evil.

The US and the UK are now main examples of this. Under the appalling Obama and Cameron regimes we are seeing evil championed, celebrated, endorsed and actually forced upon everyone. These two leaders are destroying their nations, and seem quite proud of it.

Let me give a few recent examples from the Obama administration. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council offers us this frightening report on how Obama is not only promoting sodomy in the US, but around the globe as well:

“If the president doesn’t respect America’s views on marriage, what makes us think he would respect other countries? Certainly not his latest USAID project. In April, to relatively little fanfare, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) embarked on one of the most shocking abuses of taxpayer dollars in the last five years. With help from the Levi Strauss Foundation and millionaire liberal Tim Gill, the U.S. government is spending $11 million to train homosexual activists in other countries.

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