Where Are The Leaders?

conservativehqRichard A. Viguerie asks the question I’ve been asking for a very long time:

As a new year begins, the media always expends a good bit of ink and airtime reviewing who won and who lost the previous year — and there’s no doubt that because Mitt Romney blew his campaign for President by running a content-free campaign, establishment Republicans were the big losers of 2012.

However, for a different reason, conservatives didn’t fare so well either.

With substantial numbers of Americans backing conservative positions on the growth of government, balancing the budget and traditional values, it seemed like we entered 2012 lacking only one thing: leadership.

Many conservatives hoped that the 2012 election cycle would bring forth such a leader — it didn’t.

And let’s face it, to advance any great endeavor — be it political, religious, business, social, etc. — effective leaders are necessary.

Yes, we need more money, more conservative organizations, more conservative publications and websites, more TV and talk radio… but those things always come if we have great and effective leadership in the conservative movement.

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