Whom Should Republicans Talk to During Election Season?

Here is Doris O’Brien making my point about the need for Republicans and conservatives to get serious about outreach to the uninformed and misinformed:

[I]n election years, people like myself spend too much time talking to people like myself. Whatever persuasive talents we possess should be used instead to talk up the reasons for defeating a liberal candidate in 2016.

As it happened, I watched the first Republican debate at a vacation home shared with my largely liberal family. (Send your offspring to one of the University of California campuses, and expect them to graduate with a very “liberal” degree – arts or otherwise.) As a result, I hardly anticipated leniency from the debate-watchers. What I found, however, was that some Republican contenders appeared far less objectionable than others to those outside our tent

[M]y advice to fellow Republicans would be to preach less to the choir and listen more to other political drumbeats resonating across America in this pre-election cycle. We cannot win the White House without sharing some common vibes with the rest of the electorate. It’s a political fact of life that we will need the help of independents and malleable Democrats to win the White House. And the undecided 20% of American voters – the Mins among us – are the ones who, in their own way and in their own sweet time, often decide who will settle into the seat of political power.

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Image credit: Fox/Facebook.