Why Do We Elect People Who So Clearly Lack Character?

I would have to add to this article from Patricia McCarthy that the problem she addresses here manifests in a bipartisan fashion…

There are countless [tales] of the wicked abuses of power by our elected and appointed officials, who have so much control over our lives and want more. Men and women who have committed grave ethical and/or moral failures run for office and are elected regularly.

So how and why has our culture failed to inculcate in our citizenry the critical thinking skills necessary to assess character? To recognize right from wrong? To judge?

Could it be that the moral relativism engendered by the doctrine of multiculturalism so beloved by our media and academic class has robbed us of the ability to recognize right from wrong? […]

In the pursuit of postmodernist utopia, students … learn that they must never judge, must never be judgmental. Too many parents have given their children over to this nonsense for too long.

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