Why Donald Trump is Winning

Here’s Timothy Buchanan writing at BarbWire.com:

There has already been an enormous amount of debate and punditry among conservatives, evangelicals, Republicans and within the Tea Party about who would best be the Republican candidate for president in November. We have all heard and read criticism, accusation and blame as well as specious charges against the faith, intelligence and patriotism of Trump supporters in the presidential race of 2016. A few of these have merit, but most do not. Too many are intentional below-the-belt blows by angry proponents of Cruz or Rubio or critics of Trump who spew their bile broadly across the conservative or evangelical landscape.

Many Americans are angry, and with good reason. They have watched as politicians of both parties or no party, steal their wealth, abridge their rights and mock their faith and character. But when one’s focus is blurred by rage, improving any situation is rarely the natural result. We quickly forget that the power to create lasting beneficial improvement in this country is fully within our power.

Barack Obama won elections in 2008 and 2012 primarily because Republicans failed to produce strong alternatives and because conservatives failed to engage our Democrat friends, neighbors and co-workers with the facts about the Illinois Senator, community organizer and fraudulent presidential candidate. If we repeat these mistakes, Obama will win a third term under the name of Hillary Clinton.

The reason that Donald Trump will be the 2016 Republican nominee is that Americans who have built families and careers within the law, who have been faithful in their churches and their communities and served in defense of this country have had enough of political promises that go unfulfilled once the elections are over. Too many Republicans have gone along with Democrat politicians in burying the futures of American citizens under massive wasteful public debt, offering excuses instead of results.

Whoever the Republican presidential candidate is, he will need all of our support. There will undoubtedly be widespread voter fraud in November. Only an overwhelming turnout will defeat the enemy. Every one of us knows people who vote for Democrat candidates and call themselves Christians, conveniently overlooking that party’s support for abortion, sexual perversion of every kind and illegal immigration. Advocates of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio would do well to question their Christian faith instead of that of Donald Trump.

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Image credit: Cartoon by AF Branco.