Why journalists and other Democrats keep pushing phony scandals about Trump

Why do members of the Democratic Party continue to push phony scandals? Jack Hellner explains:

There are many reasons most journalists and other Democrats have focused on additional witch hunts on President Trump, and why they seek to destroy A.G. Barr — while they lie to the public that they are trying to unite us.

Here is a small sample of topics they need the voting public to ignore or not hear about:

They don’t want to talk about their continuous lie about Russian collusion with no evidence while Trump told the truth from the start.

They don’t want to admit that the Obama administration spied illegally on many Americans, including Trump. They laughed at Trump when he truthfully said he was spied on.

They don’t want to discuss all the scandals, cover-ups, and criminal activity by people throughout the Obama administration, including Obama himself.

They don’t want the public to learn how punitive to people socialism is while rewarding their political leaders. They certainly don’t want to talk about Rep. Omar saying the U.S is who is causing the problems in Venezuela.

They certainly will not talk about how ignorant Biden was when he said China is not a threat to the U.S.

They don’t want the people to learn the truth about what Trump said about Charlottesville. They need the despicable race card to gin up hate to keep minorities voting for them.

They don’t want the public to learn the truth about the crisis on the border and what they have said in the past that is similar to what Trump truthfully says today.

They won’t talk about how government policies encouraged and caused the massive run-up in student debt.

They will not talk about how the tax cuts have helped almost everyone. They will continually spread the lie that the tax cuts benefited only the rich.

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Image credit: www.americanthinker.com.