Why Mainstream Critics Are Panning Clint Eastwood’s Latest Film

By T.R. Clancy:

Not every mainstream movie critic hates Clint Eastwood’s highly affecting Richard Jewell. But the critics who hate it hate it an awful lot.

The story of how an out-of-control FBI and a “completely irresponsible press” ruined the life of the heroic security guard whose quick action saved many lives during the 1996 Centennial Park bombing is legitimately viewed as Eastwood’s take on what’s happening in America right now. The irony that the movie was released the same week as the I.G. report exposing the FBI’s lawlessness in Crossfire Hurricane must be particularly galling for mainstream journos who staked their reputations on the Russia collusion hoax.

Just how timely Eastwood’s morality tale about government abuse may turn out to be is proved in the abysmal disconnect of NPR reviewer Chris Klimek’s question: “Why might he have chosen, at this perilous moment in our history, to make a movie that depicts not just the press but also the FBI as fundamentally corrupt and uninterested in the truth?” Why, indeed.

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