Why Oregon’s Failed Health Insurance Exchange Explains The Problem With Obamacare

FederalistOkay, this is funny. Sorry to pick on Oregon here, but hey, I didn’t start it. Also, I embedded one of the videos linked in the piece. Profanity used, but funny stuff.

From The Federalist:

It’s easy to laugh at Oregon. Not as cool as California, not as rugged or seafaring as Washington—much less Alaska—Oregon is by far the least interesting West Coast state. It lacks a strong identity, a sense of “Oregonianess,” which is probably why it’s so easy for all us non-Oregonians to assume the sketch comedy show Portlandia pretty much captures the essence of the place. (The show lampoons radical feminists, progressives, hipsters, and so on. Representative Earl Blumenauer, whose district includes most of Portland, told National Review Online that he watched three episodes before he realized it was a parody, not a documentary.)

But now Oregon really deserves it. Last week, directors of Covered Oregon, the state’s health insurance exchange established under Obamacare to help people sign up for subsidized coverage, announced their website was broken beyond repair and that they will scrap it and allow the feds to take over exchange enrollment through Healthcare.gov.

It’s not even that the site is broken so much as it never worked in the first place. The 64,000 Oregonians who managed to gain private coverage through the exchange since last October had to submit paper applications—and that’s after Covered Oregon was awarded more than $300 million in federal grants to set up the exchange.

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