Why the Media Will Never Treat Conservatives Fairly

This has been obvious for decades. The question is “what do we do about it?” Some us have the answer: Everyone on our side has to get into the communications business and reach the unreached. From Erick Erickson at Red State:

I have written a number of pieces in the past year about conservatives having a “poor little ole me” attitude when it comes to the media. Conservatives are convinced the media is out to get them. They are convinced the media is covering up stories and covering for the Obama Administration.

Often, conservatives are flat out wrong. They are so convinced the media is out to get them they do not even make their case to the media. They give up without starting.

Each time I write about these things, members of the media retweet the posts glowingly and approvingly. And while I stand by each of those posts I’ve written, the media itself needs to be held accountable because, if members of the media were truly honest, must admit it is biased against conservatives.

As objective as the media claims to be, the so called Gang of 500 — the reporters and chattering class who develop the conventional wisdom in politics — is mostly of the left or married to the left. There is a revolving door between the media and leftwing politics that rarely exists on the right. It shapes the world view of the members of the media and necessitates conservatives working even harder to get their opinions, views, and stories heard.

I have encountered this bias throughout the media in my professional life and seen it up close over the years.

Today comes word that Richard Stengel, Time’s managing editor, is leaving the magazine for the State Department. He is but one in a long line of liberals who have, for years, feigned objectivity when his world view is decidedly of the left.

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