Will Libertarians And Constitutionalists Re-Elect Obama?

From Richard Viguerie:

To my Libertarian and Constitutionalist friends and readers I say – don’t delude yourselves – a vote for Virgil Goode or Gary Johnson IS a vote to re-elect Barack Obama, and a vote to give his destructive policies four more years to corrode the soul of this country.

Yesterday, I predicted that if we conservatives worked like our candidates were three points behind, and got every voter who wants to fire Obama to the polls on Election Day, Mitt Romney and the Republicans would win, and win big.

The response I received to my optimism about the results of the election was positive, but a certain percentage of people read the column and said something along the lines of, “The Republicans have let me down too many times, I’m going to vote for former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, even if it means re-electing Obama.”

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