Will Republican Turnout Be Down? It’s No Mystery Why

There are signs that Republican voters will be staying home in record numbers this November. Can anything be done in the next 80 days to avoid this?We think it isn’t too late to make some changes that would inspire enough turnout to elect Republican candidates who should be elected.

Note those last six words. We’ve been pretty clear about our attitude about the Republican candidate for governor of Illinois. Click here for only a partial list of reasons why we think the way we do.

But for those Republicans who are seeking to advance solutions based on Republican Party platform principles, a few simple steps are in order.

First – and yes, we’ve said this before – admit Republican mistakes. Over spending is an easy one. There are others that fall under the umbrella of “we’ve failed to lead” (if in the majority) or “we’ve failed to offer an alternative plan for how to govern (if in the minority).

Second – and this is obviously very similar to the first step – separate yourself from the corrupt, self-serving, and ineffectual wing (now represented by Topinka) of the Illinois GOP as soon and as often as possible in very strong terms.

If you can’t muster the courage to say what needs to be said (that a vote for Topinka is a vote for the bi-partisan combine), then at least address the issue without naming names.

In 2000 and in 2004 Republican get out the vote efforts were successful in states other than Illinois because the candidates and the party aggressively promoted GOP principles.

Since bad behavior nationally and corrupt ineptitude in Illinois have been what Republican voters have witnessed, promoting principle will lack credibility without taking steps one and two.

Third – get serious and start to talk in strong, plain terms about how things are going to change once you get elected in November. Don’t expect to motivate party platform Republicans, however, if you’re simultaneously supporting Topinka. Illinois Republican voters are long-suffering but they’re not stupid.

Republican turnout doesn’t have to be disastrous for the right candidates. The next 83 days might be tough – but with the state of the state and the nation – you’d better get used to facing tough challenges.