Will the Supreme Court Make Google Too Big to Fail?

By Joe Messina:

It’s practically a foregone conclusion that everyone uses Google in one way or another. Now the company’s reach has expanded even further, acquiring Fitbit in December for a whopping $2.1 billion. Google products are in our homes, its software is on our phones, and its search engine answers over three billion queries per day. Even the word “google” itself has become a fixture in the American lexicon. The tech giant has become so ubiquitous, its influence so massive, that it’s safe to say Google’s effect on public discourse is unparalleled in modern society.

. . .

Within the United States, no single company should be irreplaceable. No one entity should be so influential that its potential failure could jeopardize our nation’s entire economic structure. No company should be too big to fail. Yet, if Google triumphs in its Supreme Court lawsuit, it will become just that. It’s incredibly dangerous to allow any one company to become too powerful — a lesson the United States has learned before, and a mistake we can’t afford to make again.

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