Wind power kills birds

From Moe Lane at

Look, the news that the extinct-for-the-area white-throated needletail bird had been spotted in Scotland – only to be promptly sucked into a wind turbine, accompanied by the screams of horrified amateur ornithologists – should not be surprising. Wind farms are Giant Scythes Of Swinging Doom, when it comes to birds.

  • The American Bird Conservancy rather desperately wants to support wind power, which is why they’re begging wind farms to somehow stop the darn things from being on track to kill a million birds a year in the USA by 2030.
  • Most of the articles that I’ve seen estimate that we’re killing about 40% to 60% of that now, with the real problem being that endangered species and raptors are disproportionately represented:
  • Wind farms kill golden eagles.
  • Wind farms endanger bald eagles.
  • Wind farms endanger whooping cranes.
  • At least one wind farm has been given preemptive forgiveness to kill a California Condor, which news came perilously close to causing actual mass aneurysms among bird conservationists.
  • The Obama administration has absolutely no plans to solve the problem. No interest, either. Birds don’t make campaign contributions.
  • Wind farms are killing birds in other countries, too.

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