With The ‘Transgender’ Movement, Liberalism Has Finally Descended Into Total Madness

Here is Matt Walsh writing over at The Blaze:

The Department of Education is very good at demonstrating why it shouldn’t exist. It put on its most convincing display this week when it ruled — you know, like a court, except it’s not a court — that Illinois’ largest school district violated the “civil rights” of a gender-confused boy by not letting him use the girl’s locker room. The school district now has 30 days to force underage females to change in front of the “transgender” student, or it will lose funding. Clearly, this is the role our Founders envisioned for the federal government.

I have a few points I’d like to make about this case. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Barack Obama is facilitating the sexual abuse of underage children.

This story is very similar to many others we’ve heard in recent months, but it sets itself apart somewhat because it’s the first time President Obama’s federal government has stepped in so definitively to coordinate the victimization of high school girls. And make no mistake, allowing a boy to change in front of girls, and requiring that girls change in front of him, is sexual abuse. The problem isn’t simply that non-”transgender” predators can easily pretend to be “transgender” in order to gain access to the women’s facilities — although that does happen and it is a completely unavoidable outcome – but that allowing any man of any persuasion to watch girls use the bathroom or change their clothes is appalling and exploitative. It doesn’t matter if the man is “transgender” or regular gender or quasigender or nongender or gendergender. If he’s a man, he doesn’t belong there. Period.

It’s not debatable. It’s not a matter that can be discussed among intelligent grown ups. There exists not a single morally or intellectually sound justification for this madness. I am often accused of being too harsh and too absolutist in my pronouncements on issues. Whether my gorilla in a China shop approach is always appropriate is another matter, but in this case, with this sort of thing, when dealing with the mind-numbing lunacies of “transgender” propaganda, I think every opponent should be adopting a hard-line stance. This is wrong. It’s demented. It’s evil. It’s dangerous. It’s abusive. Every argument in favor should be dismissed as the blathering nonsense it so clearly is.

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