Withstanding Christian Civilisational Collapse Disorder


Two articles on the big cultural picture from LifeSiteNews:

Withstanding Christian Civilisational Collapse Disorder

Several days ago, I came across an article that said someone had figured out why the world’s populations of bees are dying. It’s a virus, they said, that causes all the bees in a hive to suddenly drop dead. They are calling it Colony Collapse Disorder and agrarians and biologists are worried. Without bees a lot of crops can’t get pollinated. If the bees keep dying, eventually we won’t just have more expensive food; we’ll have no food.It’s one of the best illustrations I’ve ever come across of the principle that all life, from microbes and viruses to humans, is part of an interconnected, and interdependent, web. All life has value, as part of its nature because of its divine origins: “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.” A bee doesn’t fall to the ground dead without the Father’s knowledge and without affecting everything around it. How much more is the loss of every one of us made in the image of the Father?

By 1965, a year before I was born, Christian civilisation was vast and ancient. It had created a social organisation and way of life that took centuries of concerted effort to destabilise. And even when its underpinnings had been eaten away it took decades for the real collapse to start.I have long been a fan of disaster movies. I particularly like the ones where a lone investigator discovers and desperately tries to warn the world of a coming global catastrophe: a comet about to hit the earth, a colossal shift of the earth’s crust, a sudden ice age, a massive tidal wave that wipes out the eastern seaboard. In those movies, it is nearly always the government that is trying to cover it up.

I can relate.

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Why the simultaneous rise of homosexuality and Islam?

In a recent interview (It is highly recommended that readers view the video of the interview) with LifeSiteNews.com co-founder Steve Jalsevac, famed Catholic philosopher and Boston College professor Peter Kreeft noted key similarities in the homosexual activist movement and radical Islam which have led to their ascendency in recent times.

Asked about the simultaneous rise of militant Islam and the homosexual activist movement despite their opposing ideologies, Kreeft replied: “They’re the only two movements in Western civilization that will fight and die for their beliefs.”

“It is an amazing paradox that they’re opposites in almost every way, and yet they’re similar in that they will still fight,” added Kreeft. “Christians are supposed to fight too, the notion of spiritual warfare, the true meaning of jihad – a war against sin rather than flesh and blood. This is central to Christianity and we’ve lost it, and therefore opposite forces are entering the vacuum.”

Kreeft explained that as the Christian faith has weakened in the West, it has caused a vacuum.

“Well, in Western civilization, at least, there is certainly a moral and religious decline…we’re losing the faith. Europe is already almost lost,” he said. “Nature abhors a vacuum, spiritually as well as physically. So when the Faith weakens, another faith enters, because no one can live without faith, and Islam is a very strong faith. It has its good points; it has its bad points. But when we withdraw from the battlefield, someone else enters. It’s as simple as that.”

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