WWI Letter Describes ‘Extraordinary’ Christmas Truce

From Breitbart.com:

London (AFP) – A letter from a World War I soldier describing the “extraordinary sight” of a spontaneous Christmas ceasefire between German and British soldiers was published on Wednesday, 100 years after it was written.
British army officer Alfred Dougan Chater wrote the letter to his mother from a freezing trench on the western front in 1914, describing an event remembered as a moment of fleeting humanity in a four-year war that killed more than 16 million.

“I am writing this in the trenches in my ‘dug-out’ – with a wood fire going and plenty of straw it is rather cosy, although it is freezing hard and real Christmas weather,” wrote Chater.

The letter appears to be written in two parts — the first on Christmas Day and the second on December 27.

“I think I have seen today one of the most extraordinary sights that anyone has ever seen. About 10 o’clock this morning I was peeping over the parapet when I saw a German, waving his arms, and presently two of them got out of their trench and came towards ours.”

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