Xi Jinping Sends Message to Apple

Here is Rush Limbaugh on Xi Jinping’s “message to Apple”:

Apple Could Be Used as a ‘Bargaining Chip’ in the Trade War, Says Chinese State Media.” Now, this is a little fascinating story here. You know, Apple just became the first company with a trillion-dollar market cap. Now Chinese state media (which is pretty much Chinese media) is saying Apple “has benefited from cheap labor and a strong supply chain in China and needs to share more of its profit with the Chinese people…”

So Chinese state media is saying that Apple needs to start “shar[ing] more of its profit with the Chinese people ‘anger and nationalist sentiment’ amid the ongoing trade war…” Now, this particular ChiCom state-run publication is the People’s Daily. The People’s Daily. You just need to think… It’s practically written by Xi Jinping, right? The Politburo, the ChiCom/Communist Party leadership. That’s what state-run media is.

And I’ll guarantee you this is Xi Jinping sending a message to the executive suite to Apple, “You know what? You live and die on us, our cheap labor putting together your products. You ship ’em all outta here. We give you good rates at customs. We let you manufacture this stuff in droves and get it out of here and sell it to people in the world. But not enough of it’s coming back to us, and now your president’s putting us in this trade war, and the biggest bit of leverage we have is over you, Apple.

“So if you don’t step up and start redistributing more of your profits back to the Chinese people” who will not see a penny of it, by the way. (laughing) The ChiCom leadership says “the Chinese people.” By the way, you know Apple… For those of you who are Wharton Business graduates, for those of you who are astute business-oriented people, you will understand what I say when I say that Apple is primarily (their business model) not a profit company. They’re a cash-flow company.

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